RECAP: Earth, Wind & Fire Give Epic Performances in Sold Out Shows

If you've never watched Earth, Wind, & Fire perform LIVE in concert before then you missed a show filled with energy, excitement, and a number of musical instruments played all at once.

On Tuesday, September 24th and Wednesday, September 25th, EWF performed SOLD OUT shows for their endearing fans at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Right out the gate, the legendary band brought the audience to their feet by kicking off their segment with "Boogie Wonderland." An intermission and an opening act wasn't necessary for the group. Fans couldn't get enough because the group's presence on stage was so epic and electrifying. It was like, "What more can a fan ask for?"

EWF sung their other classics, "Shinning Star," "That's The Way of the World," "Devotion," "Reasons," "Sing A Song," "Can't Hide Love," "Keep Your Head to the Sky," "After The Love Has Gone," "Let's Groove," and their biggest hit to date, "September." They also sang their new song, "I Promise," from their new album, 'Now, Then, & Forever', released on September 10th.

Fans also applauded the three original members Maurice and Verdine White and Phillip Bailey for their contributions in R&B music for 41 years. Fans were moved when Phillip hit so many high notes at one time because as a musician and singer, he still has the zest and fire that music lovers crave from singers. And last not but last, Mr. Verdine White's breathtaking smile and instrumental skills lightened up the room.

The audience demographic was multicultural, African-American, White, Hispanic, Asian, young and old. The fan base was so diverse because their music touched the lives of so many people. EWF is considered to be a veteran musical act that transcended many musical genres in R&B, soul, jazz, funk, and disco. Over the past four decades, EWF sold 90 million albums worldwide. The group is still an "all time favorite musical band," for others and some of the biggest names in the industry have sampled EWF's music. They are blessed with a gift that can uplift people's spirits in a matter of minutes. EWF are still at their best and fans are looking forward to their next career move in the music industry.