Jill Scott Talks Divorce and Re-Marrying

Actress and R&B/soul singer Jill Scott is open to remarrying, but she says the relationship and connection will have to be strong.

Opening up in the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine, the "Golden" singer and "Baggage Claim" actress also revealed why she divorced in 2007 (after being married for five years).

"When it was time to go, it was time to go. I now know if I were to ever get married again, it’s all the way or we’re not going. We’re not making that next move at all. That’s the issue with me. That means I have to find someone willing to make that same exact commitment. If not, life is good. Fruit is sweet, traveling is awesome, and family is healthy. I’ll live, but I would prefer to sit and love someone equally," Scott told Rolling Out. "I’m understanding love even more because I have a child."

According to Scott, who is currently at work on two albums, if she marries again, the love for the man has to be so strong that it won't matter what he does.

"I know regardless of what he does; spill juice all over the floor or draw on the wall, that I still love him anyway. I still want his company," says Scott. "I still have a deep desire to hold his hand. That’s the next level of love regardless of what’s going on. We still care for one another. We’ve lost a lot of that."

Jill Scott can be seen in the romantic comedy "Baggage Claim," which is now open in theaters.