Trey Songz Talks Growth In Hollywood, Baggage Claim: ‘It’s Pivotal’

Trey Songz is growing when it comes to his acting career, moving from one area, or genre, to another.

Speaking of his growth in Hollywood and getting his feet wet in the recently released romantic comedy, "Baggage Claim," the "Neighbors Know My Name" singer said it gave him a chance to express his talent and grow as well.

"It was a great experience. It's my second film this year. The first one being a horror. This one being a romantic comedy. Two different total genres giving me a chance to really express my talent and to grow my talent as well. Being surrounding by so many great cast members, Paula Patton and so many others. David E Talbert being a hands on director, really helping me out, really paying attention and really helping me hone my craft for this film. It's a small role, but it's pivotal and it's a small role amongst giants," Songz tells Rolling Out in the clip below.

As reported earlier today, "Baggage Claim" opened at no.4 at the weekend box office, pulling in $9.7 million.