Kelly Rowland Shines With Creepy and Emotional ‘X Factor’ Auditions

Kelly Rowland shined on Wednesday's audition episode of "X Factor USA." After giving a few yes votes and a few no votes as well, the "Talk A Good Game" singer worked through two auditions that ended with the words creepy and emotional.

In video below, watch the first highlighted audition from Wesley Mountain, who had a major crush on Kelly. Before performing his song, "When You Believe," he actually got a little caught up and lost focus attempting to impress her with an unexpected kiss and an intense staring and "panting" session…

In the second clip below, Kelly goes beyond her duty as a judge, encouraging aspiring teen singer Rickey, who bares a striking resemblance to Usher. In the clip, watch as Kelly jumps up from her judges seat, runs across the stage and comforts him with some empowering words about being told "no" and how she, and Destiny's Child, made it despite hearing that word when they appeared on "Star Search" years ago.

"X Factor USA" continues tonight on FOX.