TLC Unveils ’20’ Track List & Album Cover

Ten and twenty are the perfect years to celebrate an anniversary of any kind. TLC will commemorate a career that has lasted over two decades with the release of '20.' The new album is a compilation of past hit records along with an unreleased track written by Ne-Yo.

The new record will be accompanied by the biographical film "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story", starring Keke Palmer as Chilli, Drew Sidora as T-Boz, and Lil Mama as Left Eye. The film is set to premiere on VH1 on October 21.

TLC's legacy was extended earlier this year with 'Crooked Smile", a J. Cole collaboration that helped the group to influence a new generation of listeners.

Offical Track-List

1. Ain't 2 Proud Beg
2. What About Your Friends
3. Baby, Baby, Baby
4. Hat 2 Da Back
5. Creep
6. Waterfalls
7. Red Light Special
8. Diggin' on You
9. Kick Your Game
10. No Scrubs
11. Unpretty
12. Silly Ho
13. Damaged
14 Meant to Be

TLC 20 Album Cover