Rihanna and Budweiser Partner For ‘Half of Me’ Documentary

What is life like for Rihanna when on tour? What do fans think of her as an artist? Partnering with Budweiser, Rihanna takes fans behind the scenes of her Diamonds World Tour in the new short form documentary, "Half of Me."

Released Wednesday, the clip is part of Budweiser's Made For Music campaign.

"The Budweiser Half of Me documentary is a true picture of behind the scenes of my Diamonds World Tour. It not only tells the story from my eyes but also in the eyes of my fans. One of my favorite parts of traveling is being able to communicate with my amazing fans directly. I am totally connected with my navy; it doesn't matter where in the world they are," Rihanna offered in a statement.

Watch "Half Of Me" in video below.

"Every amazing show is one half artist and one half audience. 'Half Of Me' is a story told from two perspectives: The fans, and Rihanna herself. Watch how Rihanna and her fans empower each other to make their dreams a reality," reports Budweiser.