R. Kelly On Haters: ‘They’d Be Better Off Shutting Up’

Haters are doing a good job hating on R. Kelly because to him, all that hate is nothing but fuel.

"People counting me out is inspiring. They'd be better off just shutting up — Then, I might start messing up. I might start putting out the worst music in the world," Kelly told RevoltTV in a recent interview. "I live for that crunch time moment. That crunch time moment is when you are out of your city, in another city, 1.1 second left, one shot and everybody booing you. The Kobe's, the Michael's, the Lebron's… they live for those moments. Well, this is me. This is who I am. I live for the moments when people just didn't think I had more. That's when I come with what I'm supposed to come with and hit the shot."

As recently reported, the R in R&B is due to release the anticipated album, "Black Panties," on November 11. According to R. Kelly, it's both fortunate and unfortunate that people have tried to hate on him or count him out over the last few years, but all that hate has helped to make "Black Panties" what it is.

"I don't like people to hate me. I don't want nobody to hate me, but unfortunately and fortunately, at the same time, that's what's going on. You got some people that hate on you."