Faith Evans Talks Kelly Price: ‘God Knows Who She Is’

Faith Evans says don't believe everything you see on television, especially when it comes to her friend, Kelly Price.

Speaking about Kelly in a recent interview, Faith Evans felt as though the "R&B Divas LA" star was handling her business.

"Just to kind of speak on the character of her, I will say this much. I know there has been so much being said about her in the media based on things that people see, but you know, I said it in one of my songs. Everything ain't always what it seems just because it's on TV," Evans told Cocoa Fab. "I'm not gonna get into the back and forth of it, but she's a great person with a great heart. I can't say that I've ever seen that side of her that (people) see, well only in handling her business, which I believe is what she was doing in that moment."

Even with that said, Faith Evans believes that Kelly was "set up"…

"You ain't gone set me up. I feel like she ain't see it coming. But God knows who she is. I always tell her that."