Cee Lo Green To Discuss Music Industry, Troubled Past on ‘E True Hollywood Story’

Cee Lo Green and those who know him best will be appearing on E's True Hollywood Story Monday night.

In the revealing hour-long episode, Green will not only dig into his past, including troubles with crime and family, but the fact his struggles with the music industry.

"Why do I feel so different from people or why are people making me feel so different from them?" Cee Lo told E! in a clip from the soon-to-air special.

"…though he is an international star, what people don't know about Green will surprise viewers. Born Thomas DeCarlo Burton, Green grew up in a rough part of Atlanta. A self-proclaimed kleptomaniac who spent much of his youth getting in trouble, Green reveals the lengths his mom went to in order to set him straight (would you believe military school?), and how her death inspired him to focus on music," reports E! "Find out the important role religion played in his life, how he earned the name “Chicken Head,” how a chance meeting at "Saturday Night Live" changed his career trajectory, and why ignoring the advice of his friends, family and even his record label was the best decision CeeLo Green ever made."

Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Nicole Scherzinger and Carson Daly will also appear.

“E! True Hollywood Story: CeeLo Green” premieres Monday, September 16 at 10:00 PM ET/PT only on E!