Kelly Rowland On ‘X Factor’ Premiere, Season: ‘It’s Going To Be Incredible’

Kelly Rowland thinks season three of "X Factor USA" will be "incredible."

Speaking of the anticipated premiere, slated to air tonight on FOX, Rowland says this season is full of talent and she thinks America will be surprised.

“The truth is, all of the categories are super strong and I am so happy for all of us because we are all happy with our categories, and we are all very passionate about our categories, too," the "Talk A Good Game" star shared in a recent interview. "It’s going to be an incredible year. I think America is going to be surprised at how much talent we have in each group."

Returning with a number of changes to the format, "X Factor USA" will be a bit more rigorous this season, forcing the judges to be a bit more harsh and concise in selecting talent for the finals.

That said, Kelly isn't cutting any corners.

"What I do admire about the contestants on the show is these contestants have a week to be prepared, to be ready for interviews, to be camera ready, to get a makeover, to know songs, placement on the stage and dance steps," she told THR. "That’s a lot. And people are watching you each week. You are pushed a little bit faster to grow. You either rise to the occasion or you fall. Sometimes they fall because they didn’t believe in themselves enough."

"'X Factor USA" premieres tonight Wednesday, September 11 at 8/7c on FOX.