Ron Isley – My Favorite Thing Ft. KEM

The music video for Ron Isley's "My Favorite Thing," featuring KEM, was released recently. The visual follows the two singers as they reminisce about the good times they have had with their significant others. Viewers soon find out that those good times are no longer when KEM starts singing, "Come home to me girl, I need you, I know it's hard to see yea, you're love will always be my favorite thing,"

"Working with KEM was just like working with Marvin Gaye, who was a real, real good friend of mine. And like Luther Vandross… because of the way he cares about the music and producing the record," Isley told Billboard about the clip. "I put everything in his hands and everything turned out fantastic. He’s one of the probably one of the… probably the only person out there now that you can do that with."

"My Favorite Thing" appears on Isley's recently released album, 'This Song Is For You.'

Watch the full video below to see if their ladies come back.