Simon Cowell on Kelly Rowland: ‘She’s A Very Naughty Girl’ In ‘X Factor USA’ Teaser

Is Kelly Rowland a bad girl on set at "X Factor USA"? According to Simon Cowell, the "Talk A Good Game" singer is smart and hardworking, but she's also very flirty.

"Kelly did the UK show for me. She's a very naughty girl. She's great fun, incredibly professional, very hard working, smart and always, always on it. This girl never loses energy and she's a real flirt… This girl needs at least six cold showers a day. That's the minimum requirement," Cowell says smiling in the latest season three teaser, profiling Kelly Rowland.

Speaking of what viewers can expect, Kelly Rowland echoes some of what Simon Cowell said, calling the opportunity to work on "X Factor USA" enjoyable and fun.

"It's a show that I really do enjoy. I love the fact that people can get an opportunity to change their lives within one audition or one opportunity and I can be a part of that," Rowland shares in video below. "I am critical, but I am firm. I have fun while I'm up there, but I'm completely honest with you…. they way people were honest with me."

In related news, fellow "X Factor USA" judge/mentor Demi Lovato says Kelly Rowland is incredible.

"Paulina and Kelly have become (like) older sisters to me. They're incredible women. Kelly is a down to earth super, super sweet girl who just cares genuinely about everyone," says Demi Lovato.