Sean Kingston Sued Over Alleged Rape from 2010

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Sean Kingston's character is taking a hit. According to TMZ, a 22-year-old woman filed a lawsuit against the "Beat It" singer, claiming he allegedly raped her in 2010. Carissa Capeloto claims Kingston, a bodyguard, and a member of his band forced her to have sex in a Seattle hotel.

Capeloto, who says she was "obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent" at the time of the incident, says she visited Kingston's hotel room for a meet and greet when she found him naked in a bed. She goes on to say she was placed on top of the entertainer and the three men proceeded to rape her.

She is suing for $5 million, claiming she suffers from mood swings, panic attacks and sleeplessness.

Criminal charges were dropped back then, but Kingston has denied the allegation, insisting the sex was consensual.


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