Jennifer Hudson Reunites With Diane Warren, Plus New Album Details?

Jennifer Hudson has been busy in the studio in recent weeks and we will be able to hear the fruits of her labor sooner-rather-than-later.

Reuniting with Diane Warren, following "Still Here," which appeared on her 2011 album, "I Remember Me," Hudson's first project is titled "Bleed For Love."

Slated to appear on the forthcoming "Winnie Mandela" feature film soundtrack, the song was written by Warren and features the "American Idol" alum and Grammy winning talent singing with the Soweto Gospel Choir.

“‘Bleed for Love’ has such an incredible and meaningful message about the power of love and the extension of the human heart,” comments Hudson. “Diane wrote a beautiful song and it was an honor to work with her and the rest of the team to create this powerful piece of music.”

According to RCA, the soundtrack will be released Tuesday, September 3, just three days before the anticipated film, 'Winnie,' opens in theaters (Friday, September 6).

In related news, Jennifer Hudson is also working on her third studio album, which is now marked for an early 2014 release.

With names like Pharrell Williams on tap to help craft the effort, Hudson spoke with Angeleno magazine recently and teased the album.

"This record is not about me playing a part or me as spokesperson. Should I give away the title? Let’s just say you’re gonna get Jennifer-ized," Hudson told Angeleno. "What we’re doing feels so right that I never want to go home. My sister and my manager will be sleeping on the couch while we work until 4 or 5am."

As previously reported, Hudson also stars in "Black Nativity" alongside Luke James, Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett. That movie is due to open in theaters November 27.