Chante Moore Says New Album Is Very Personal, Talks R&B Divas Tour?

R&B Divas LA has definitely been a blessing for Chante Moore, reigniting interest in her music and journey. Not one to miss out on the opportunity the TV One platform provides, the "Chante's Got A Man" and "Wey U" singer has released an album titled "Moore Is More."

Discussing the project with BE Magazine, Moore said this album is very personal and really covers the last five years of her life.

"I’m so excited about that. It’s my favorite album yet. But I guess it’s kind of like having kids, your favorite child is the one that you just had, (laughs). I love it, it’s very reflective of my life right now, for the last five years anyway. The ups & downs, I’ve had some big downs and some big ups; I’m really, really happy right now. I’ve had some really low places, emotionally, over the last five years so this album really reflects that journey. It’s a very personal album," Moore told BE.

In related news, Chante Moore is looking forward to hitting the road in support of her album. Even though she's made some great connections with her fellow castmates on "R&B Divas LA," Moore is not sure about touring with them.

"There will definitely be a tour for my new album. I don’t know about a tour with the girls just yet, but right now I know my album is going to tour so look for that," said Moore.

"R&B Divas LA" airs Wednesday nights on TV One.