The Braxton family still has the it factor. Their reality television show has pushed the entire family into the limelight, both Toni and the people's favorite Tamar have used it to influence their music careers.

Tamar owns the top position on this week chart. She kept the momentum going that she built from "Love And War" with the release of the new single "All The Way Home." The new track filled with relationship drama is suited for the backdrop of an episode of Love & Hip Hop. The frantic lyrics "Screaming out the road, got my head out of control/Cause I'm thinking about you all the way home" recreate feelings on past break-up to make-up situations.

In between the Braxton sisters, in the second slot, is veteran Eric Benet. The man knows how to make a ballad, even when artists are pushing to go Pop. "Runnin" is classic Eric Benet, two basic components tight harmonies and live instrumentation. The track is included on his latest album, The One.

Yes! Toni Braxton and Babyface are back together. The dynamic pair hit the recording studio to craft a duet album entitled 'Love, Marriage & Divorce.' The first cut they offer fans is "Hurt." The record slowly builds, opening with piano keys into a dramatic rhythm and chorus. Braxton and Babyface remind everybody on why they are a perfect match.

This week proved that seasoned professionals are still in demand amongst all ages.

See where R. Kelly landed along with Curtis Fields, Mario Winans, Tiara Thomas, Jacquees, Ginette Claudette and Marsha Ambrosius on the Top 10 Most Popular R&B Singles of the Week.

Tamar Braxton - All The Way Home

Tamar Braxton – All The Way Home

Tamar Braxton follows up her smash single “Love and War” and the soulful “The One” with the brand new third third offering “All The Way Home.”

Eric Benet - Runnin

Eric Benet – Runnin

Eric Benet re-ups the promo for his latest studio album ‘The One’, by releasing the set’s fourth single “Runnin’“. On the soulful, eargasmic ballad, Benet croons about an exciting love: “Now you got me runnin’ to get home to you, And my heart keeps runnin’ when I think of things you do.”

Toni Braxton & Babyface - Hurt

Toni Braxton & Babyface – Hurt

Hurt” a new record produced by Babyface, features two veterans sing about thee hardships of being in a relationship, infidelity, and regret. They both sing, “God knows I never meant to hurt you.”

R. Kelly - Tear It Up Ft. Future

R. Kelly – Tear It Up Ft. Future

R. Kelly calls on Future for “Tear It Up,” a cut from his upcoming twelfth solo studio LP Black Panties. Debuted on Chi-Town’s V103, the vet gets auto tuned-up like his rap counterpart for the freakfest, suggesting the escapades take place everywhere.

Mario Winans - Here Comes The Pain

Mario Winans – Here Comes The Pain

Mario Winans issues the brand new offering “Here Comes The Pain,” a record about splitting with a lover. “Thought what we had was real, but baby now it’s gone,” croons Winans on the emotional record.

Jacquees - Won't Turn It Down Ft. Chris Brown

Jacquees – Won’t Turn It Down Ft. Chris Brown

Decatur, Georgia’s Jacquees links up with Chris Brown for “Won’t Turn It Down,” the sexy, simmering first offering from his upcoming album, 19.

Curtis Fields - Opposites

Curtis Fields – Opposites

Curtis Fields warms the heart and soothes the soul on “Opposites Attract,” a soulful ode to a special beau, who has his full attention, despite any forces pulling them a part.

Tiara Thomas - Tell Me Something

Tiara Thomas – Tell Me Something

Tell Me Something” is a guitar driven, Lauryn Hill-reminiscent track provides the melancholy setting for Thomas’ disappointment on the nature of backstabbing, but she keeps her head up, singing, “No one can take the smile away from my face, can’t take my joy / I’ll get over it you know I will.”

Marsha Ambrosius - Without You Ft. Ne-Yo

Marsha Ambrosius – Without You Ft. Ne-Yo

Marsha Ambrosius issues the brand new emotionally-charged single “Without You,” a duet with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. Set to appear on her forthcoming sophomore album, Friends & Lovers.

Ginette Claudette - Tainted Emotions

Ginette Claudette – Tainted Emotions

The beautiful singer-songwriter Ginette Claudette gives her fans “Tainted Emotions” off of the new upcoming EP also entitled “Tainted Emotions“. This joint is big and full of emotion as she talks about love and emotions.