Jennifer Lopez Stalker Found In Pool House

It was recently revealed that stalker John Dubis was discovered living in Jennifer Lopez's pool house while she was away from her East Hampton home earlier this month. Dubis is said to have been an inhabitant of the pool house from August 3rd to August 9th. Security detail covering the home didn't uncover him until after a retired firefighter was able to take pictures with his "wife Jenny" with captions like, 'Some more david and jenny art," which is used to described an engraved tree.

According to the New York Post, Dubis claimed that he was JLo's significant other and the father of her kids. He also admitted to pleasuring himself in her lawn. Dubis was arrested on second-degree burglary, two misdemeanors and fourth-degree stalking. The 49 year old is now under psychiatric evaluation and is due to appear in court on August 28th.

Sources close to the DailyMail say that Jennifer is "completely freaked out" about the incident.