Prince’s Hilarious “Breakfast Can Wait” Artwork Inspired By Dave Chappelle Skit

Prince has always been able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing himself. He has been an extremely successful musician because he is just that … a true musician. He is now an icon and hailed as one of the greatest. Artists as well as other entertainers often speak of him.

One of these entertainers happens to be a comedian by the name of Dave Chappelle who was responsible for one of the funniest comedy shows of our day, “The Chappelle Show.” It seems Prince has taken advantage of a skit of himself called “True Hollywood Stories-Prince” by Dave Chappelle, which was narrated by the hilarious Charlie Murphy. Prince is using that skit's images as his artwork for “Breakfast Can’t Wait”.

Prince must really have a sense of humor.

Just for some laughs …