Rapheal Saadiq to Adrian Marcel: “He Told Me I Had a Responsibility Being From The Bay”

The Bay Area native singer we call Adrian Marcel aka A.M. has been buzzing on the R&B scene by opening on tour for the likes of The-Dream and R. Kelly. New York City fans had the chance to sing, scream and watch this new R&B artist at B.E.T.’s Music Matters as he did his thing. The Singersroom family had the pleasure of catching up with him the next day at the Parrish Nation show room to talk about everything from fashion to being from the Bay.

"I linked up with Rapheal Saadiq through my management. They slipped him the music and he liked it. He flew me out to L.A. and he was so cool. He told me I had a responsibility being from the Bay and being an artist," Marcel told Singersroom. "When you are from the Bay area that pimp style is there but it is more of a confidence thing. Coming from the Bay you have to be confident in everything you do. I have always been singing and been on the stage. I feel comfortable on the stage. I take all that energy from the crowd and I give it back to them."

A.M. is as smooth as his voice and is ready to give the world a dose of his music. Only time will tell how this young artist will mature and how far he will go. But for now check out his mixtape entitled '7 Days Of Weak'.