Ashanti Stalker Arrested Again, Pleads Not Guilty With 750k Bail

Devar Hurd, now known as the man that sent R&B singer Ashanti and her mother lewd photos and texts, is back in court.

According to the New York Post, Hurd has been charged with defying orders of protection, which were in place to prevent him from communicating with the "Foolish" singer and her family.

"The loon admitted he sent Ashanti tweets from two Twitter account and posed with her little sister at a party in Chelsea last year," the New York Post reports.

“Yeah, I sent Ashanti lots of tweets, including the sexually-base ones,” Hurd told police shortly after his July 23rd arrest. “I went up to Shia at a party. It was open to everyone. I took a picture with her.”

Following testimony from Ashanti, who told a grand jury that she and her family felt threatened by Hurd in July, he pled not guilty to charges of felony stalking and harassment Tuesday.

As widely reported, Hurd was convicted in a similar stalking case in 2010 and was promptly sent to prison where he served two years.

"Mr. Hurd, I realize you don't want to hear this, but it's obvious to me that you need to get help," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber told Hurd in 2010.

He is now being held at Rikers with bail set at $750,000.