R. Kelly Talks Hip Hop and R&B Fused ‘Black Panties’, 2 Chainz Collaboration

R. Kelly is gearing up for the release of his 13th studio album, 'Black Panties,' and he recently opened up about the project to Fuse in an interview.

"It's simply it's fresh," says Kellz about the forthcoming opus.

Kelly also spoke on the trend of hip-hop and R&B fusion insisting, "right now if you're listening to the radio, you kind of hear hip-hop and R&B all smashed together, so that's what the album all about."

When asked about the hip-hop and R&B fused single "My Story," featuring 2 Chainz, Kelly says, "The song picked him. I always listen to the songs that I do and I follow the song's lead, and this had him written all over it," he adds.

Kelly continues, "When you talk about stories, you talk about testimonies, and I know he has some things he probably been through, and I was like this guy would be perfect for this track."

Kelly says Alicia Keys may also be featured on 'Black Panties.'

Look at the full interview below: