Felicia Temple – Bad Timing [PREMIERE]

When you're a sexy singer-songwriter like Felicia Temple, sometimes love can come at a bad time, especially when two men are yearning for your everlasting affection. The Music video for "Bad Timing" takes a look into how love happens and cannot be controlled.

Felicia's music is real and passionate … it is not lust filled; it is more love filled. In a time when we are motivated by body parts and rash action, the newcomer takes us through a journey that reflects on what love is suppose to be. She gives us the good, bad and ugly as we listen to her angelic voice glide over the instrumentation.

Felicia Temple is real in her emotion and her dedication to her craft. Being influenced by artists such as Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys, pushed her to develop a style that was filled with meaningful lyrics, addictive melodies and a love for instrumentation. She was able to take her love for Alicia Keys' album "Songs In A Minor" and use it to help motivate herself to learn the piano. Her passion can be felt in the video and heard in her voice. Check it out