PAY UP: Rihanna Wins $5 Million Lawsuit Against Topshop

A judge has ruled in favor of Rihanna in a lawsuit against UK's fashion giant Topshop, which she claimed used her image on a t-shirt without authorization.

Rihanna sued Topshop for $5 million after the company used a photo of her in a tank top, taken in 2011 at a video shoot in Ireland. She claimed the image was "similar" to her CD cover and was falsely being passed off as being approved. Court documents states that the shirt dupes fans into thinking the article of clothing has "an emotional connection to their heroine.”

The suit also claims that the company initially planned to sell the t-shirt under the name Rihanna Tank, but after Rihanna's team stepped in, they changed it to Headscarf Girl Tank before later renaming it Icon Tank.

In his ruling, the judge noted that it was likely for buyers to think the t-shirt was endorsed by Rihanna.

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