Michel’le Talks Parenting With Suge Knight and Dr Dre, ‘R&B Divas LA’

Even though she encountered infidelity in past relationships, which she has discussed on the current season of "R&B Divas LA," recording artist and reality TV star Michel'le says the fathers of her two children, Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, have been great fathers.

"I will say that my children’s fathers (I have a 22 year old son with Dr. Dre and a 10 year old daughter with Suge Knight) do love and take care of their children. They are great fathers and they are there for them," Michel'le wrote in a recent blog entry via TV One. "It’s not always monetary. It’s about being there."

As seen on "R&B Divas LA," Michel'le and Dawn Robinson both struggled with men that were unfaithful, in some cases, producing several children outside of their marriages or committed relationships.

In related news, Michel'le wants to make it clear that her voice is authentic. Addressing her unique vocal tone, Michel'le says it's actually been a blessing and a money making tool.

"Yes, it is REAL. I am who I am. I do voice-overs and that’s a plus so if you want to HATE please don’t! :) I don’t get mad at all the comments because it is who I am. That’s like me walking over to a bald man at the bar and asking him why is his head bare in THAT typical bald spot. I don’t understand it but I’m not going to ask…that’s just how we are made and my voice is just who I am," Michel'le offered in her most recent blog entry via TV One.

Michel'le appears on TV One's "R&B Divas LA," airing Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.