JoJo Files Lawsuit, Solicits Court To End Blackground Records Deal

JoJo has grown tired of trying to work with Blackground Records, who failed to release her third album and allegedly failed to pay producers that worked on music for it.

According to a lawsuit filed in New York Tuesday, July 29, JoJo wants out of the contract that was signed when she was a minor — the same one that has prevented her from releasing a new commercial studio album, tons of new music and has seemingly stifled her once promising career.

Among the arguments noted in the lawsuit is JoJo's age at the time the contract was signed, 12, and the term of the contract, which Blackground allegedly says is in full force.

"By claiming that the recording contract remains in full force and effect, defendants have caused and are causing JoJo to suffer irreparable damage to her professional career by depriving her of the benefits of Section 35.03 which reflects the considered public policy of the State of New York that under no circumstances shall a person who is a minor at the time of contract approval by the court be obligated by law to perform or render services under that contract for a period of more than seven years from the date of approval," reads one argument. "Specifically, JoJo has been deprived of the one thing that is most important for any recording artist, control over the direction of her professional career."

According to the filing, JoJo was twelve in 2003, when the contract was signed by her mother. She is now, in 2013, 22 years of age.

In addition to the above claim, the filing states that the label failed to release her third album despite delivery and acceptance of many master recordings; that they were not able to retain their distribution agreement with Universal Music (an agreement with Universal/Interscope expired or was terminated around 2012 and there is no current distributor), which was a requirement of the recording contract; and that they neglected to pay producers and “other vendors with whom JoJo has collaborated.

JoJo alleges that the failure to pay producers and others, for their services, has done even more damage to her career because now her reputation has been sullied.

JoJo's attorney also alleges that she is losing out on business opportunities due to this situation with Blackground and Da Family. That includes touring, endorsements and other lucrative business opportunities. The lawsuit also looks at time, key to JoJo's career, considering the years that have gone by since her last major hit.