Kelly Rowland Talks Growth, Deal With Jaguar on ‘Portrait’

Kelly Rowland has grown a lot in the last few years and she talks about that in a brand new interview with Studio 43's "Portrait."

"I think that when it happens organically it's a beautiful thing. From my line with TW Steel and having a watch line. You know, how that came about organically, to now this relationship with Jaguar. I think that when things happen naturally, it's actually a piece of you that you get a chance to share with your fans and share with the world," Rowland shared when discussing growth and her new endorsement deal with luxury automaker Jaguar. "You know, some of those Jaguar fans may not know about me so, I get a chance to broaden my fanbase as well."

Watch part one of Kelly's full interview with Studio 43's "Portrait," with Kenny Burns, in video below.