Christina Aguilera Takes On ‘The Voice’ Critics: ‘Success Takes Time’

"The Voice" is a huge success on television, but has it produced a winner that goes on to enjoy success like chart-topping singles and accolades, such as Grammy Awards? At this point, the answer is no.

Taking on critics of the show and its ability to produce a legitimate star, Christina Aguilera says success doesn't happen overnight or right away. It takes time.

"It’s not like everything needs to be like boom, boom, boom, then record deal, then No. 1 success. It doesn’t happen like that. It didn’t happen that way for me either," Aguilera told press during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour over the weekend.

Looking to her journey, Aguilera compared "The Voice" to the "The Mickey Mouse Club."

"For instance, my experience with ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’, the alumni from that show, you know, you have huge names Britney (Spears), Justin (Timberlake), Ryan Gosling, you know, all these names come from that show. But, you know, right after the show, did we rocket to success right after it? No. It takes time," said Aguilera.

Do you agree with Christina? Does it take time or is something wrong with "The Voice" and how they handle the winners?

"The Voice" is due to return September 23 on NBC.