Mary Mary Spreads The Gospel at B.B. King

If you had to describe Mary Mary's recent performance at B.B. King in New York city, it would be inspirational and uplifting. On Thursday, July 25th, Erica and Tina brought the church to the stage, and fans were elated because the duo was double booked at the restaurant. TWO SHOWS, ONE NIGHT! It was the perfect opportunity to see them at 7:30 and 10:00pm.

Audience knew that God was going to use the group as a vessel to emote change in their hearts. And Erica and Tina were ready to get the job done because God sent them on a mission.

The gospel duo started off their segment with their song "Get Up," because it was time to praise and acknowledge God. Erica and Tina took a stand by telling their fans to thank the Most High at all times, good and bad. God should be the forefront in your life, always because he is the only one that can fulfill your void. Devoted fans witnessed Erica and Tina's gregarious and sacred spirit because real recognizes real.

Mary Mary sung their other top singles, "Heaven," "Walking," "Go Get It," "Yesterday," "God In Me," and Erica performed her solo song, "A Little More Jesus." Fans were receptive when they heard her song because they knew the inner meaning behind the song. Nine times out of ten, people need a little bit of Jesus to get through the day. Life can be troubling at times, but with the help of Jesus, everything wouldn't be so weary.

The ladies closed with their final song, "Shackles (Praise You)." This song set the platform for Erica and Tina because they re-introduced a new sound to gospel music: contemporary R&B. They blended this musical element so they can spread the good news from all different walks of life. They ended their segment with the instrumental version of "God Bless."

Mary Mary's performance was emotional and heartfelt because the ladies were ministering to the fans through their music. Erica and Tina's testimonies on standing tall through turbulent times was a source of hope for the audience. It made them reconsider their outlook on life and draw closer to God. And this is why fans will continue to support these pivotal women in gospel music. God has orchestrated Erica and Tina's life thus far, so we're looking forward to the next chapter in their musical careers. Whether singing together or apart, Erica and Tina know that God must join them on the road to stardom in order to be successful emotionally and spiritually.