K. Michelle Issues Apology, Speaks With Rasheeda on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Finale

K. Michelle made amends, apologized and owned up to some things, including that her mouth sometimes gets her in trouble, on the season two finale of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Monday night.

Meeting with most of her co-stars, including Karlie Redd, Joseline Hernandez and Erica Dixon, K. Michelle announced that she was leaving Atlanta for good.

Claiming that she had outgrown the city, and perhaps some of the drama associated with it, K. Michelle announced that she would be moving to New York where she could be closer to the record label, the studio and other opportunities.

Before leaving Atlanta, K. Michelle also took some time to clear the air with Rasheeda.

"I feel like this is the biggest step. I feel like, out of all the girls, you hurt me the most," K. Michelle told Rasheeda before admitting that she could have been wrong or handled things wrong. "I know I can be a b*tch. I know, but sometimes I'm just being funny. I don't even mean it. Maybe I don't communicate right. I came at you more out of hurt. We were supposed to be friends and I feel like she (Rasheeda) stabbed me in my back, but that was then and this is now. It's time to move on and let it go."

Watch K. Michelle's final scene with Rasheeda below.