Lea Robinson Talks Finding Her Style With Producer K2, Plus “Higher” Video

When we think about royalty, we usually look overseas to Prince Henry or the Queen of England riding on horses and chariots with crowns of diamonds and rubies taken from some colony in Asia or Africa somewhere before our time. But through a culture that was born and raised in the streets of New York City, and inner cities throughout the country, we created something called Hip Hop. Hip Hop in its own right has a rich history with their own royalty. Singersroom had the pleasure of finding out how the grand daughter of Hip Hop aka the Hip Hop princess was able to find her sound.

"It was a blessing from God … he (God) gave me K2. He blessed me with someone that had the time and patience, but also had a production style that complimented my sound," Lea tells Singersroom. "I’m a happy person. You can hear every emotion and you can tell I am very happy from my music. It was me being myself and I had to figure out who I really was as an artist. I’m an unorthodox, soulful and talented Queen."

It is not hard to tell that Lea Robinson has something special and fun in her style. There is a carefree; everything will be all right energy to her music. We are looking forward to seeing what this self-proclaimed unorthodox pop artists will do next.

Check out her new video entitled, “Higher”.