Toni Braxton Loses Rights to Songs Following Bankruptcy Deal

Toni Braxton is feeling the side effects of the bidding market. During her second bankruptcy filing, the veteran R&B superstar struck a deal by using her songs to settle with her debtors. In the deal, Braxton gave up the rights to 27 songs from her hit catalog with a clause to buy them back for $20K.

Unfortunately, the deal also meant that Braxton could be outbid for the songs, and that is exactly what happened. According to TMZ, a buyer name Ross M. Klein doubled Braxton's price, and yanked the songs for his own.

Included in the 27 songs are "You're Making Me High," "How Many Ways," and "Always."

We're pretty sure Miss Braxton is pissed over this, and will be moving rocks in hopes to getting her precious tunes back.

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