Kelly Price Talks Struggle With Weight, Being Disciplined With ‘R&B Divas LA’

Recording artist and "R&B Divas LA" star Kelly Price says weight has been a struggle for her for many years and it nearly sidelined her career entirely.

After being told that she's "too big," among other things, Price decided to take those comments and use them as fuel to work harder and become more disciplined.

"Being an overweight girl, I am a worker. I’ve worked for everything it is that I have… I’ve had to learn how to adjust my eating to work for my lifestyle. I came to a point and I literally decided, I have been given an opportunity, there are people who are way more talented than Kelly. I’m not stupid," Price shared in a recent interview. "That’s just the truth. But I was given this opportunity so to let it pass me by, to die young and miss an incredible life because I couldn’t get myself disciplined enough to live would be stupid."

As seen on "R&B Divas LA," Kelly Price is taking her experiences and putting them to good use, developing other projects.

"I have actually had an animal awakened in me, and so with that I am going to pursue it in a manner that only Kelly Price can. And that for me coming off of the ‘R&B Divas’ experience is to pursue reality TV with a Kelly Price twist and that would be ‘Too Fat For Fame," Price shared with The Jasmine Brand.

"R&B Divas LA" airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm on TV One.