First Look: Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

Andre 3000 has been spending much of his time away from music, but that’s because he’s been filming All Is By My Side, a biopic about the height of Jimi Hendrix’s career in 1966-67, just 4 years before his death of a drug overdose in 1970.

When news first broke that Andre would be portraying the legend, it seems like a fairly good casting choice, but now a photo has surfaced of the rapper in character, and we must say, the resemblance is uncanny! Andre looks great in character, and should deliver an awesome performance.

“In researching him, I saw that a lot of the paths that he went down were the same ones that I went down when I was a young kid,” André told SPIN magazine last year. “He did what he thought was right for his music. I always gravitated towards him. This movie is the real shit right here. I think people will learn things they didn’t know.”

However, clearance from Hendrix’s estate for music catalog to be used in the film was not cleared, so instead, André the Beatles, Elvis, Muddy Waters, and the Troggs covers in the film.

Directed by John Ridley, the film was shot in Dublin, Ireland and will premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in September.

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