Candice Glover Thinks Positive, Talks Album Promotion and New Song

2013 "American Idol" winner Candice Glover is not letting an album delay get her down.

In a recent interview looking at not only the delay, but the struggling reality series, "American Idol," including the post-show tour, Glover implied that she believes everything will turn out okay in the end.

"There'll still be time for my album to be promoted. There'll still be time to go on tour. I'm doing a song on tour that's going to be on my album, so that's good promotion, anyway. I never jumped to the conclusion of being disappointed," Glover told Detroit Free Press over the weekend. "I think of all possible outcomes, and I think it'll be a positive one."

As previously reported, Glover's debut album was due to be released this month, but was pushed back to October 8 despite pre-order sales and promotion. The same occurred with the "American Idols Live Tour," which was also adjusted with the postponement of dates and in some cases, cancellations.

"You have to have patience," Glover adds. "Everything isn't always going to happen exactly the way that you want it to happen. But it's happening — and I'm excited about it even happening."