Rihanna Files Lawsuit Against Topshop For Unauthorized Use of Image

Rihanna is taking British retailer Topshop to court for $5 million for allegedly using her image on a t-shirt without her authorization.

The photo, taken in 2011 at a video shoot in Ireland, is on a tank top that Rihanna claims is “similar” to images on her CD cover is falsely being passed off as being approved by the “Rude Boy” singer. Court documents state that the shirt dupes fans into thinking the article of clothing has "an emotional connection to their heroine.”

Topshop says they bought the rights to the photo from the photographer, and that Rhinna is a frequent shopper of the retail chain, thus her image on the shirt shouldn’t have did anything to “tarnish her image.”

Attorneys for Topshop say, "Rihanna's own shopping habits provide compelling evidence of Topshop's reputation in fashion wear. [There are] 10 recent occasions on which her representatives have contacted Topshop asking for products for her to wear. We note that six of these requests post-date this dispute."