Prosecutor in Bruno Mars Cocaine Case Found Dead

Former Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert, who handled Bruno Mars' cocaine possession case, was found dead in the garage of his Las Vegas Home on Wednesday (July 17) and authorities are reportedly treating it as a possible suicide.

The 49-year-old prosecutor came to fame with cases against Mars and socialite Paris Hilton. However, he was sentenced to nine months behind bars on drugs and weapon charges last February (12). He was arrested in 2011, a month after Mars' case, as part of a traffic stop and police found him to be in possession of $40 crack cocaine and an illegal handgun in his car.

Schubert was expecting a mandatory probation and the chance to remove the felony conviction from his record. But, in court, the judge refused his plea and called the ex prosecuting attorney, “a disgrace to his oath as a prosecutor and a lawyer” and stated that he would not get any special treatment. He was sent to prison in November 2012 and left after serving just under five months of his sentence.

Once he got out of prison, Schubert had to make weekly contact with his parole officer. It was him missing his appointment last week that lead to the police finding his body

Mars was sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to felony cocaine possession in February (11), while socialite Hilton was handed probation after admitting charges of drug possession and obstructing an officer in 2010.

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