Jamie Foxx Talks George Bush, Obama and Bill Clinton

What does "White House Down" actor and recording artist Jamie Foxx think of the last three men to hold office as President of the United States? Perhaps surprisingly, Foxx has nothing but good things to say about Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama.

"I have met President Clinton, President Obama and President Bush before. And all of these guys, this is what you take away: They're regular guys. George Bush loves his family, Christian man; President Obama loves his family, another Christian man; Bill Clinton, another Christian man. These guys are all human. Behind closed doors, they're human guys. They are not mechanical machines even if their ratings are down," Foxx shared in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Covering the issue with fellow actor Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx went on to elaborate on President Obama.

"I like them all for different reasons. Obviously, with President Obama, there is a kinship because I am an African-American. Watching how he deals [with everything], he's like LeBron James. Either he's at the top of the mountain or they put him at the bottom of the ocean," said Foxx. "I love watching the calmness and coolness, knowing that when the cameras are switched off and he is with his wife, he goes, "Holy mother! I had no idea it would be this bad!" If you look back on this time, you'll look back on how chaotic it was and say, "Here's a man who is not afraid."