K. Michelle Unveils ‘Rebellious Soul’ Cover & Tracklisting

K. Michelle luxuriates on the cover of her debut album Rebellious Soul, standing in a room full of candles, roses, a plush, velvet sofa, and of course, a bottle of spirits (likely V.S.O.P). The LP, which features the first single “V.S.O.P,” will arrive on August 13 with eleven tracks.

The “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” starlet is ready to be known for her artistry, rather than the antics that ensue on the VH1 small screen. “I was determined with this project that people were gonna finally see me for more than just a crazy, ratchet reality star,” she said.

Preorder Rebellious Soul here, and check out the list of tracks below.

Rebellious Soul Tracklisting

1. “My Life”
2. “Damn”
3. “I Don’t Like Me”
4. “Can’t Raise a Man”
5. “V.S.O.P.”
6. “Pay My Bills”
7. “Sometimes”
8. “It’s Too Late”
9. “Hate on Her”
10. “When I Get a Man”
11. “A Mother’s Prayer”