Candice Glover and Curtis Finch Jr Talk Jennifer Hudson, ‘Idol’ and Tour

With just days to the anticipated kick off of this year's "American Idols Live Tour," Candice Glover and Curtis Finch Jr are rehearsing for unexpected performances and fun times aboard the tour bus.

Interviewing each other via the Hollywood Reporter recently, the standout performers not only discussed the tour, but the next season of "American Idol."

Taking on rumors about Jennifer Hudson being considered to judge, Candice Glover said J-Hud "would be a good addition."

"I think Jennifer Hudson would be a good addition to the panel because she was on the show. She knows what it takes to be on the show and to have that amazing voice. She's really honest, I got a chance to sing with her in the finale, and she's honest and genuine. I think she would bring a lot to the panel."

As for their performances on the tour, Candice and Curtis say fans should not expect what they saw on "American Idol."

"We're going to pull out all the stops on this tour," Glover says in video below.