Dawn Robinson Turned Down ‘R&B Divas’ At First, Talks Reality TV and Women

Music industry veteran and former EnVogue singer Dawn Robinson turned down offers to appear on "R&B Divas" (TV One) initially.

Asked to appear on the 'Atlanta' series first, Robinson recently spoke with EBONY and admitted that she turned it down because the "playing field" in reality TV seemed to be about fighting.

"Initially I didn’t want to do reality TV. I was afraid of it. I think a lot of artists today are afraid of it, probably for the same reasons. It seems like the playing field was pretty negative. It’s catty, fighting, women fighting each other. It’s a joke; it’s become a parody, as opposed to women supporting each other and being positive. So I really initially didn’t want to," said Robinson.

Now appearing on "R&B Divas LA," Dawn Robinson credits her mom for giving her a positive outlook and goal, which is to prove that women can work together.

"They came back about eight months later and said, “OK, what about R&B Divas: L.A.?” I just prayed about it, talked to my mom like usually. My mother said, “Look, it could be a great way to interact with women and prove that women can work together," she told EBONY.

"R&B Divas LA" airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm on TV One.