Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Winnie’ Acquired, Set For September Release

"Winnie," the long-awaited movie that features Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela and Terrence Howard, as Nelson Mandela, will arrive in US theaters soon.

Following years of images, previews, trailers, interviews and possible release periods, the film has been acquired by Image Entertainment and will be presented this fall with the help of T.D. Jakes.

"Both Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard deliver powerful performances that depict the lives of two influential people of our time. They are a force to be reckoned with on screen, showcasing the Mandelas’ journey through their struggles and triumphs," Bill Bromiley, Chief Acquisitions Officer for Image Entertainment said in a release.

According to Bromiley, the film will be retitled "Winnie Mandela," instead of "Winnie," for the release.

As widely reported, the film had received a lot of backlash, especially from Winnie Mandela and South Africans who objected to Jennifer Hudson, an American actress and recording artist, being cast for the role.

"Winnie Mandela" is now set for a September 6 release.