Tamar Braxton Says Logan Is ‘Yummy,’ Talks Balancing ‘Tamar & Vince’

Tamar Braxton is a happy mother of one. She's also a busy woman trying to balance not only a music career and motherhood, but a new talk show and taping for two reality shows.

According to Tamar, the balancing act will be seen on the second season of "Tamar & Vince," which is due to premiere in September.

"Logan is on it. You see the whole transformation from Tamar to mommy Tae-Tae. You see the whole album come together and how we kind of balance the two. After that, The Braxtons Family Values come back," Tamar shared in a recent interview with Cocoa Fab.

Also just in time for the return of "Tamar & Vince," Tamar's anticipated album will drop September 3.

Still, with all of those things going, Tamar is committed to and in love with her baby boy, Logan.

"Logan is everything. He is so yummy. Immediately everything changes but immediately you don’t fall in love, but I heard that you do but they lied. Somebody lied," says Tamar. "Just like you fall in love with a little person, its just like that. You fall in love with little people. He is so yummy.”