Jessie J on New Album: “I Feel Like My Insides Are Smiling”

Jessie J seems very confident in her forthcoming sophomore album. In a recent interview, the UK singer-songwriter spoke joyfully about the project, insisting the opus makes her "smile" because the content is "personal."

"I listen back to it and I feel like my insides are smiling," Jessie J told Glamour Magazine. "You go into the studio and go, 'F**k, what am I going to sing about? Airplanes? Dressing rooms?'"

She continued: "You have to really dig deep and that's why you have to make time for a social life, to have something to write about. Some of them are very personal and I'm scared for the world to hear them."

In comparison to her debut project, this sense of fear isn't all that bad. "…with the first album I was scared for people to hear – and look at the good it's done… So I think it's going to be great," she adds.

According to the rumor mill, the upcoming album will be titled "Gold," but this hasn't been confirm as yet.

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