Mariah Carey Slammed For Lip Syncing, Fans Say Enough at BET Awards?

Mariah Carey is a legend, but that doesn't excuse her from criticism, especially when it comes to live performances.

Taking the stage for an anticipated performance at the BET Awards 13' Sunday, Mariah appeared beautiful, but it was very much obvious that she was not only lip syncing, but doing a horrible job at it.

"I waited for Mariah all this time to see Mariah Lip synch!! Really?" a fan wrote after watching the award-winning powerhouse.

As seen on the show and in video below, Mariah appeared to struggle with timing, which totally made the lip synching obvious and painful to watch.

"Mariah you might not wanna make it so.obvious. Don't stop moving your lips before the recording stop," a viewer wrote on Twitter.

Now this isn't the first time Mariah has been caught lip syncing. It happened during a performance on "American Idol" and in May, the diva had sort of a rough time on "Good Morning America" (with both her wardrobe and vocals).

"Yep Mariah isn't singing. She knew better. She saw the play back of that Good Morning America," another fan wrote after watching Mariah on the BET Awards.

Did you see Mariah's performance? Does she need to stop with the lip syncing or should she just get a pass because she's Mariah Carey?

One fan says "I am a Mariah fanatic but I'm really disappointed. The lip syncing needs to stop. That was horrible."