Beyonce on Her Voice: “I Hate Hearing Myself Speak”

Beyonce may be an international megastar with multiple Grammy awards as a singer-songwriter-entertainer, but that doesn't prevent the diva from disliking…wait for it…HER SPEAKING VOICE. During a recent interview with Australian show, The Project, surrounding her character Queen Tara in the animated film Epic, Queen B drops the bomber, insisting she doesn't like to hear herself speak.

"It was something I've always wanted to do, I have such a crazy voice when I speak. I hate hearing myself speak!" Beyonce says in the below clip.

"I think everyone does," adds B, insisting it's a feeling carried by most people. "I hear my little crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman and I'm like 'this is really strange,' but I love it."

Beyonce also spoke excitedly about doing the film, insisting it's a life goal: "Just to see yourself animated and becoming this something that you could never do in real life, for whatever reason, I've always thought, that would be super cool."

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