K-Ci & JoJo Talk Classic Sound, Drake Paying Hommage, ‘Bad Night’ at London Show, More

K-Ci & JoJo are returning to music this fall with a new album and the first single “Knock It Off." As the soul brothers prepare for their musical comeback to the R&B charts, they sat down with The Urban Daily to update fans on the progress of their album, JoJo's health, and how they feel about the new bucks mentioning them in hommage (a.k.a. Drake's “Jodeci Freestyle”).

With only a few more songs to finish up on the album, Jojo called the album "stricly K-Ci and Jojo," meaning no Jodeci-member features, and, judging from the premier single, that could mean the gritty soulful sound fans love from the duo is also still intact.

When it comes to newer artists who mention the R&B veterans in their songs, (like Drake who recently dropped a “Jodeci Freestyle,”) the guys say it makes them feel good. “We just thank God, cause a lot of ups and downs we’ve been through and people still show love and show favor, so we love it.”

As for the men’s health, their widely reported bouts with alcoholism and Jojo’s seizures have had fans (and loved ones alike) on edge, wondering if they would ever get healthy enough to regain the performance vitality of their heyday. “After I gotten married, slowed down, and had grandkids, I’m fine right now,” JoJo said.

As for the March show in London, where Jodeci was booed off stage, the fellas say it was just an off night. All entertainers have them, but a combination of no rehearsal really sent the performance into something that couldn’t be salvaged. But it’s rare for them to have an off night, it’s just that every time it doesn’t go perfectly, it blows up in the headlines. “I can count on one hand when he had bad nights…so far we’ve been 95, 96 percent were every night was a good night,” K-Ci added.