John Legend Fronts 2014 Chevy Impala Campaign, Talks Supporting Auto Industry

John Legend is part of a new campaign supporting the launch of Chevrolet's 2014 edition of the Impala.

The 60-second ad, featuring Legend and his new single "Made To Love," made its debut during the NBA finals Thursday and will run on broadcast television, as well as movie theaters, beginning June 28.

Speaking with Billboard recently, the Grammy-winner said it is very important to support American auto manufacturers.

"Growing up in a family of autoworkers in the Midwest, I'm very sensitive to the fact that we want to support great American manufacturers that are making our cars," Legend, whose father built trucks for Chevy's parent company General Motors in Dayton, Ohio, shared with Billboard. "I thought it was an exciting thing to support this classic brand being reinvigorated. The car's beautiful and I'm excited to represent it."

In related news, John Legend's anticipated album, "Love in the Future" is due for release September 3.

Check out his ad with Chevrolet (below):