Singersroom Presents: Introducing Netta Brielle (Part 3)

In the final piece of introducing Atlantic Records newcomer Netta Brielle, the emerging singer-songwriter takes us on set of her "very first" music video for the the record "More to a Kiss." In describing the record, Netta says "it came about going back to that 90s sound." She adds, "I was looking for a record that made me feel like I felt when I heard songs in the 90s."

The Bay Area songstress, who knew music was her calling at an early age, will also continue the same 90s vibe on her upcoming projects.

"My whole album and my mixtape is in that whole 90s space," states Netta. "It's fresh, It's new, It's young, It's 2013, but It has that 90s inspiration that I feel like we're missing in a lot of R&B music now."

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