India Arie Talks Grammy Snub, Body Image and Skin Lightening with Oprah

The India Arie snub. Seven Grammy Award nominations. Zero wins.

India Arie opened up about that night in 2002 during an anticipated sit-down with Oprah Winfrey on "Super Soul Sunday" over the weekend. Looking back, she says losing in every last category made her question if she was really meant to be in the music industry.

"I lost all of them and it was this big conversation forever. All over the radio for the first two months and why? It ended up being called a shut out. So, in a couple of rap songs I've heard people refer to it as 'The India Arie.' 'What if you get India Arie'd at the Grammys?' It's this thing," she told Oprah. "I realize two things about that now. One is that, that was God's way of giving me a breakthrough. 'Cause I was on every body's lips and all of a sudden I lost, but everybody was still talking about me. They had so much love for me and compassion for me. And then my album sales shot up, but all I felt was 'maybe I'm not meant to have all of that. Maybe I didn't deserve (it). Maybe I wasn't built for that.'"

In related news, India also took time out to discuss controversy over the single cover for "Cocoa Butter." Addressing claims that she had lightened her skin, Arie told Oprah "I wanted for it (the cover) to glow. To be luminous, not lightened…"