Beyonce and Video Game Company Settle $100 Million Lawsuit

Beyonce can breath a sigh of relief after settling one of her biggest lawsuits to date. The R&B superstar and video game company, Gate Five, has come to terms over a $100 million, which claimed Queen B backed out of a deal to create a motion-sensing dance game.

In the suit, filed in a New York court in April 2011, Gate Five accused Beyonce of a “bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas [2010].” In addition, the company insist Beyonce dropped the project last minute after making an “extortionate demand” for more money, which also pushed the firm financing the game to back out.

Gate Five affirms that they spent $6.7 million to develop the project, and sued Beyonce for $100 million, the projected profit from the game.

In contrary, Beyonce’s lawyers argue that she had every right to walk away from the project because Gate Five failed to secure financing for the project by a mid-November 2010 deadline, but Gate Five contended that it was on the verge of closing a $19.2 million financing contract before the superstar got antsy.

In 2011, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos rejected the R&B superstar’s request to toss the case, but with the current agreement, the case will not go to trial. Both parties has already submitted papers in court to discontinue the claims.

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